Wound Core

Wound Core

Unicore/Wound Core offer better energy saving and are more efficient. Moreover, they save the production cost of a transformer by about 40%.

Unicore/Wound Core is manufactured with state of the art production line, using high-grade steel. Ultra-modern AEM machines are installed for manufacturing.

The unicore laminations are carefully stacked by the expert with great care to maintain the quality of the product. Each lamination is made with high accuracy for better core superiority.

Amod Stampings offers Unicore having various core size and types as per the client’s requirement and specification. In addition, Amode Stampings’ expertise in Unicore manufacturing provides a reduction in specific losses by 20% to 40%.

Amod Stamping provides Duo Cores, Distributed Gap (DG) Cores, Cruciform Cores, Stepbutt, Butt Core, Gapped Core, Uncut Core, Straight Laminations, Single Phase Dimensions, 3 Phase Dimensions.

  • Design Flexibility
  • Lower no Load Loss
  • Lower Exciting Current
  • Wide Core Choice
  • Less Winding Time needed
  • Quicker to assemble core coil
  • Major Cost Savings
  • Most Ideal Transformers & UPS’S Distribution
  • Suitable up to 1500 KVA Transformer Rating
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