Core Coil Assembly

Core Coil Assembly

Amod Stampings Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in Core Coil Assembly due to its technological advancement and expert workforce. Core Coil Assembly can provide for 100 MVA and higher ratings.

Low voltage windings are placed near the core and high voltage windings are assembled and co-axially placed with respect to low voltage windings. Spacers are added for adding strength.

Coils are assembled using high-end insulating materials and are adequately clamped.

SPA methodology is adapted to have its special beneficial characteristics. The winding is rigidly supported by a common spacer ring of densified wood at the top and bottom for precise alignment.

Well profile angled rings are placed between LV & HV windings to reduce voltage stress level. The ends & tapping leads of all windings are connected by special extra flexible, insulated copper cables which are rigidly braced in position. Sufficient ducts are provided between the coils to ensure heat dissipation through the circulation of oil.

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