Product & Services

Amod Stampings provide CRGO laminations for transformers of any capacity and voltage class including 400 KV, 765 KV, 1200KV and 1700KV with no constraints of dimensions and designs.

Moreover, Amod Stampings also manufacturers reactor core, toroidal wound core, transformer tank shunts/shields, built core for transformers upto 40 MVA/132 KV Voltage, resin molded instrument transformers up to 33 KV voltage, core-coil assembly of CTs.

Amod Stampings has approval of PGCIL for Current Transformer (C.T.) upto 800 KV, Torroidal Core, Slitting of CRGO Coils and Shearing/Cutting of Laminations up to 400 KV class transformers cores and reactors. (In process for 765 KV class approval)