The process of packaging is the most crucial phase as the material is very sensitive. Highest level of care is taken to ensure the material safety.

The products are packed under supervision of experts to avoid damage during transportation and prevent any loss to our customer's. Utmost care is taken to ensure material safety.

We ensure optimum utilization of floor space at the receiving end. We do set wise packing with forward & reverse pyramid in case of bigger jobs so that our customer's,while building/assembling the core, need not open more than the minimum pallets for assembling cores.

Built cores are either packed vertically or horizontally in wooden crated depending upon use

Utmost care and precaution is taken while handling the steel right from the storage of raw material to finished product.

The products are packed under the direction of experts to avoid damage during the transportation

Set procedure of packing and stacking is followed to certify the best possible way of handling the finished products. Forward and reverse pyramid method is undertaken.

Overhead cranes are pallets are used for the packaging process to ensure the optimum safety of the materials.

Wooden and MS palate is used on which packaging is done. High Density Polymer is wrapped on the product and low density cover is wrapped over it.

Wooden planks are used to protect the edges from damage. Stretch wrap stripping is done at the end.


Material is shipped by surface transport. Purchaser is free to nominate their transport agency or else our transport department make suitable choice of means of transportation depending upon the load and ensures safety of goods and timely delivery.


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