About us

Amod Stamping Pvt Ltd was incorporated 1979 and was further shaped and moulded by Its dedicated technocrats whose conviction, perseverance and the unique ability to apply acquired knowledge guided Amod Stamping Pvt Ltd to the success path. Under focused leadership,Amod Stamping Pvt Ltd grew into a technologically advanced Organization, powering the country's growth and shouldering social responsibilities for more than three decades and continues to do so even now under the leadership of 2nd Generation. Amod Stamping has its Headquarters in Vadodara with a transformer Lamination manufacturing unit in Village Amod of District Bharuch, Gujarat. Amod Stamping has established into 'Amod Group of Companies' with an annual turnover of USD 30 million and with International market presence.

With its benchmark quality products, Amod Group has carved a niche for itself in the Manufacturing and Supplying Industry of CRGO Laminations for transformers of any capacity and voltage class including 400 kV, 765 kV, 1200kV and 1700kV with no constraints of dimensions and designs. Besides this, we manufacture Torroidal Wound Cores, Cut Cores, Resin Moulded Current and Potential Transformers up to 33 KV voltage class and E & I Sections and Stampings.

Amod Group's various facilities are established keeping in view the best available infrastructure and with modern equipments. Manufacturing Units are dust-free to enable manufacture Lamination while maintaining employee Health and Safety standards. Our multi-level quality checks carry out all routine and special tests as required by various National and International Standards.

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